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Listed below are the future JPAG meetings and selected partner meetings.
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Thursday 11th July 2024
Laboratories of the Future
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
The embedding of Industry 4.0 practices within the pharmaceutical industry boosted and accelerated pharmaceutical development: manufacturing, product development and testing have all benefited from the many advancements in the fields of automation, robotics, big data and machine learning. This symposium will feature highlights from industry experts and vendors on trends and case studies showing how industry has adopted (or is considering) new digital and hardware tools to boost efficiency and sustainability in the pharmaceutical laboratories of the future.

Talks will feature a range of topics including:

- Evolution of pharmaceutical processes from industry 1.0 to 4.0
- Virtual reality and artificial intelligence in chemistry laboratories
- Automation of sample preparation
- Predictive modelling of qSAR
- Chemometrics for spectral data analysis
- Chemometrics for metabolomics workflow
- Pharmaceutical forensics

Additionally, we would like to open a call for poster abstracts related to these themes.

Poster submissions are welcome for new or previously presented work and should be submitted by June 20th via events@jpag.org. Abstracts will be reviewed upon submission and authors will be notified by email if their abstract has been accepted or, if revisions are required, feedback will be provided. Authors will be expected to address any feedback / recommendations and conditions of acceptance prior to final submission.

Prof Darrin Baines - Clarivate
Prof Richard Brereton - University of Bristol
Prof Tom Fearn - University College London
Pamela Harrison - AstraZeneca
Dr Stephen Hilton - University College London
Andy Holwell - ZEISS
Dr Ravi Kalyanaraman - Bristol Myers Squibb
Shaun Latham - Pfizer
Dr Sara Martini - AstraZeneca
Dr Lucy Morgan - Pfizer


Thursday 26th September 2024
Continuous Manufacturing and Analytical Strategy
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Continuous manufacturing offers great promise in improving productivity, efficiency and the intrinsic quality of both active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulated products.
This symposium will critically examine some of the analytical and quality challenges and opportunities that arise from adopting continuous manufacturing, with examples of how to address them. The symposium also presents an introduction to ICH Q13 and its impact on pharmaceutical analysis.
Leading regulators, industrialists and academics will be sharing their experiences in the development, manufacturing and quality assurance of continuous manufacturing of drug substances and drug products.

The meeting is open to the submission of abstracts for oral presentations or posters in line with the above proposed key themes.


Thursday 5th December 2024
Regulatory Hot Topics IX
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
This symposium will address an introduction to the issues and challenges associated with mitigating counterfeit and falisified medicines. Additional topics will cover BP, MHRA and ICH updates including new and emerging guidance from 2024 and a look forward into 2025 including ePILs and devices as well as the usual nitrosamines and titanium dioxide updates.
The meeting provides an excellent opportunity for dialogue, discussion and debate in an open forum and allows learning from expert speakers involved in the development of guidance and best practice.

The meeting is open to the submission of abstracts for posters in line with the above proposed key themes.


COLLABORATIVE EVENT: Wednesday 4th September 2024
University of Huddersfield



UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) EVENTS:
See www.ukclinicalpharmacy.org for details.

Respiratory Pharmacy Conference 2024:
This conference will help delegates to better understand the crucial role pharmacists must play in improving the health and outcomes of people with asthma.
See HERE for details.

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We always seek feedback from delegates attending JPAG events through an Evaluation form.

A recent analysis of the results has shown that more than 95% of attendees thought that JPAG meetings were well planned, relevant and met their main objectives, and would recommend JPAG meetings to colleagues


Very enjoyable and thought-provoking day; going away with plenty of notes and specific items for discussion.

Excellent meeting, challenging and thought provoking. The organisation was excellent, thanks to all the efforts that JPAG team have made.

I have not attended a bad JPAG meeting yet. They are really good value for money and I really love to get the presentations as PDFs

I did appreciate receiving the slides before, as then I could print them and make notes around them during the symposium.

Getting an industry perspective on this topic was most helpful.

I appreciate having access to relevant JPAG seminars from overseas; provision of lectures beforehand to allow reading beforehand.

I did like having the presentations available early, with the webinar portion being focused on Q&A.

Fantastic to hear from NHS speaker, provides real insight to patient/clinician considerations that we don't necessarily see in industry.

From attendee perspective, the course did not take up the whole day as no travel necessary and overall good value for money.

Hearing the information from the clinical setting side was very useful.

Well organized. This was an amazing session. Prior sharing of the presentation was a great add on!

The most useful aspect of the webinar was the variety in the presentations across industry and the regulators. Really good to review the presentations beforehand.

Good value, well organised symposium. Always useful for focused topics.

A very good day. Enjoyed getting to speak to the presenters to discuss current challenges in industry.

Well done to all the speakers and the organisers for being able to successfully hold highly informative conferences virtually! (July 2020)

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Delegates at a symposium held at the Royal Society of Chemistry

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