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New electron diffraction facility at National Crystallography Service
We are pleased to announce that the EPSRC-funded UK National Crystallography Service (NCS) is now able to offer electron diffraction facilities.

Electron diffraction is a rapidly growing technique capable of rapidly obtaining structures of nanocrystalline materials. There will soon be two dedicated electron diffractometers in the UK, at the Universities of Warwick and Southampton, operating as a national service for the whole scientific community as part of the NCS. A third instrument will be installed at the University of Glasgow in 2024. This ‘first of its kind’ facility will provide cutting-edge capabilities to obtain single crystal structures from nanocrystals (powders and crystallites <1 micron). The facility will be available free of charge to UK academics who are eligible to apply for EPSRC funding. Applications for access to the Electron Diffraction Facility are open now using the same mechanism as all the other NCS services (see https://www.ncs.ac.uk/access/ for details of all available services).

More information about the electron diffraction facility, including the application process, can be found at http://www.ncs.ac.uk/nedf. The next service period will run from 1st Jul – 31st Dec 2023 and the call will close on 31st May at 23:00. The NCS team would appreciate it if you could circulate this email as widely as possible among your colleagues.
To register your interest as a new user for the upcoming period, please email info@ncs.ac.uk and include your name, email address, and department/institution. After receiving your email, we will register you on our Portal2 system and send you a password reset. Once you are logged on you can submit a short application that includes some information about the project and expected use.

If you have any questions about the application process, the NCS facility, or anything else, please contact the team at info@ncs.ac.uk or visit http://www.ncs.ac.uk/ for further information.

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