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Thursday 11th May 2023
The future of spectroscopy: new capabilities and new applications
Royal Society of Chemistry, London

The 21st century have been witnessing an industrial revolution (industry 4.0) where digitisation, data-driven/AI-assisted automation and novel applications have emerged. Spectroscopic techniques offer simplicity, speed and specificity in characterising a wide variety of substances within pharmaceutical and other industries and has been playing an important part in this revolution.

In this special one-day symposium jointly organised by the Molecular Spectroscopy Group and Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group, we will discuss the newly emerged/emerging capabilities and applications of novel spectroscopic techniques in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Kofi Asare-Addo - University of Huddersfield
Dr Sulaf Assi - Liverpool John Moores University
Dr K. L. Andrew Chan - King's College London
Prof Richard Guy - University of Bath
Dr Bethan McAvan - AstraZeneca
Prof Alison Nordon - University of Strathclyde
Dr Tran Pham - GlaxoSmithKline


Thursday 15th June 2023
Stability VII
Royal Society of Chemistry, London

Continuing our successful series of stability meetings, this 7th event is essential for anyone concerned with the management and assessment of drug stability - especially for respiratory products and unlicensed medicines. We have a group of expert speakers from academia, industry and with a regulatory perspective who will provide background information and new approaches to stability testing.

Hear about particular stability challenges in testing and shelf-life setting for these types of products and learn from our expert speakers on frameworks and practical challenges.

Posters are invited from industry and academia on stability topics to facilitate additional interaction between attendees and speakers.




See www.ukclinicalpharmacy.org for details

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I did appreciate receiving the slides before, as then I could print them and make notes around them during the symposium. (Jul 2021)

Getting an industry perspective on this topic was most helpful. (Jul 2021)

I appreciate having access to relevant JPAG seminars from overseas; provision of lectures beforehand to allow reading beforehand. (Jun 2021)

I did like having the presentations available early, with the webinar portion being focused on Q&A. (May 2021)

Fantastic to hear from NHS speaker, provides real insight to patient/clinician considerations that we don't necessarily see in industry. (Mar 2021)

From attendee perspective, the course did not take up the whole day as no travel necessary and overall good value for money. (Mar 2021)

Hearing the information from the clinical setting side was very useful. (Mar 2021)

Well organized. This was an amazing session. Prior sharing of the presentation was a great add on! (Dec 2020)

Liked the format of watching presentations and then summary with questions - gave a more joined feel to meeting. Thought the meeting was going to be quite dry but turned out to be engaging. (Dec 2020)

While I really enjoy getting the opportunity to visit Burlington House for JPAG events, I thought this was excellent digital alternative. Thank you to all JPAG organizers for organizing and managing the meeting. Thanks also to the speakers for their excellent slides, pre-recorded presentations as well as their summaries and Q&A sessions during the event. (Oct 2020)

Thank you for providing the presentations in advance made this a very efficient way of bringing us up to date. (Oct 2020)

Given the current worldwide circumstances, the format of the meeting with the videos and materials available beforehand, followed by the 'live' summaries and Q&A worked well. (Oct 2020)

Well done to all the speakers and the organisers for being able to successfully hold highly informative conferences virtually! (July 2020)

The most useful aspect of the webinar was the variety in the presentations across industry and the regulators. Really good to review the presentations beforehand. (July 2020)

A great alternative to real conference. (May 2020)

Good value, well organised symposium. Always useful for focused topics. (Feb 2020)

A very good day. Enjoyed getting to speak to the presenters to discuss current challenges in industry. (December 2019)

A good, well planned and interesting meeting. (December 2019)

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