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Thursday 7th October 2021
The reality of ATMP delivery: pharmacy learning and future developments

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) have revolutionised the treatment of some diseases, particularly those which were previously regarded as intractable to treatment and cure. ATMPs are biological medicines and can be defined by four main categories; in-vivo gene therapies, ex-vivo gene therapies, somatic cellular therapies and tissue engineered products.
As increasing numbers of ATMPs are now being seen through clinical trials and acquiring marketing authorisations, NHS pharmacy and clinical teams are now preparing for the delivery of these disruptive medicines on a larger scale.
The Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group for ATMPs is a network of UK Pharmacists and colleagues who are committed to facilitating the consistent implementation of ATMPs using a collaborative approach to the benefit of patients. The group forms part of the NHS Specialised Pharmacy Service and is supported by the Advanced Therapies Treatment Centres (ATTCs) which are aligned to the group’s vision. ATTCs were established to increase patient access to ATMPs and ensure the UK continues to be at the forefront of ATMP manufacture and clinical delivery. Three years on from the original pharmacy meeting with JPAG, this year's event will reflect on the Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group for ATMPs highlights and outputs as well as providing key updates from important stakeholders who contribute to adoption and accelerated access to ATMPs.
This virtual event will inform and educate the audience about hot topics in the ATMP world, such as; NHS implementation challenges, regulatory issues in ATMPs, ATMP Horizon Scanning, Commissioning of ATMPs – training and work force implications for pharmacy. Breakout sessions for ATMP naïve sites, ATMP experienced sites, Clinical Trials and preparation of ATMPs will form part of the full day symposium. This will provide a forum for networking and discussions through Q&As and by opening channels of communication.
This exciting virtual conference will appeal to pharmacy colleagues from all sectors including Hospital Chief Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Trials , Hospital Research & Development Sponsors, Technical Services Colleagues and will provide insight for industry colleagues too.

The event has been kindly sponsored by the Northern Alliance Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre and as such will be free to bona fide NHS delegates on a first come first served basis.

There will be an opportunity to present posters on the broad subject area of the symposium, subject to acceptance of a submitted abstract.
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If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact us: events@jpag.org.

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SUBJECT: JPAG / ATMP Group Symposium: The reality of ATMP delivery: pharmacy learning and future developments / Thursday 7th October 2021 / VIRTUAL EVENT : 10am-4pm (UK BST)

TITLE OF EVENT: The reality of ATMP delivery: pharmacy learning and future developments

DATE OF EVENT: Thursday 7th October 2021

EVENT LINK: https://www.jpag.org/145



ORGANISED BY: Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group

WEB LINK: https://www.jpag.org/

SPONSORS: Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry

CONTACT: Hon Events Secretary JPAG, events@jpag.org


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Well organized. This was an amazing session. Prior sharing of the presentation was a great add on! (Dec 2020)

Speakers were clear and the option to ask questions (including anonymously) was a great benefit. (Dec 2020)

Liked the format of watching presentations and then summary with questions - gave a more joined feel to meeting. Thought the meeting was going to be quite dry but turned out to be engaging. (Dec 2020)

While I really enjoy getting the opportunity to visit Burlington House for JPAG events, I thought this was excellent digital alternative. Thank you to all JPAG organizers for organizing and managing the meeting. Thanks also to the speakers for their excellent slides, pre-recorded presentations as well as their summaries and Q&A sessions during the event. (Oct 2020)

Thank you for providing the presentations in advance made this a very efficient way of bringing us up to date. (Oct 2020)

Given the current worldwide circumstances, the format of the meeting with the videos and materials available beforehand, followed by the 'live' summaries and Q&A worked well. (Oct 2020)

Well done to all the speakers and the organisers for being able to successfully hold highly informative conferences virtually! (July 2020)

The most useful aspect of the webinar was the variety in the presentations across industry and the regulators. Really good to review the presentations beforehand. (July 2020)

A great alternative to real conference. (May 2020)

It was nice to hear that others were experiencing the same issues that we have had and that the solutions were very similar. (May 2020)

Q&A - very informative discussion, and knowledgeable presenters. (May 2020)

All the presentations were overall useful. (Feb 2020)

Good value, well organised symposium. Always useful for focused topics. (Feb 2020)

A very good day. Enjoyed getting to speak to the presenters to discuss current challenges in industry. (December 2019)

A good, well planned and interesting meeting. (December 2019)

Good networking opportunities (December 2019)

Great panel discussions.(October 2019)

One of the best JPAG meetings I have attended in 20 years. Very topical with the nitrosamine discussions.(October 2019)

Great to get the industry presentations/perspective coming from a regulator. (September 2019)

Industry experts giving case studies, very useful to share experience and learn from one another. (September 2019)

Excellent range of speakers all very knowledgeable in their field, a great overview.(May 2019)

Very educational.(May 2019)

Number and length of talks was perfect. Not too much not too little. (March 2019)

Opportunity to network with people across industry on a common topic – very valuable to hear their views and challenge. (March 2019)

Speakers knowledge very good, event is well laid out. (March 2019)

Great to see findings of other companies / Groups to common issues in stability. (March 2019)

I really like JPAG meetings as they are presenters from industry/MHRA.(February 2019)

Good speakers, good slides, opportunity to speak with attendees (February 2019)

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