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Below you will see a list of the meetings that took place between 1970 and 1992.

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29th JanuaryRole of the analyst in pharmaceutical controlDO Singleton(Upjohn)
Dr G Stewart(Wellcome)
W Stephenson(Boots)
17th MarchMicrobial contamination of pharmaceutical productsAG Fishburn(DHS)
G Sykes(Boots)
Dr DC Garratt(PSGB)
2nd JuneGood Manufacturing PracticeO Wallen(WHO)
Dr L Levi(CFDD)
J Lightbown(MRC)
E Lax(Lilly)
BA Forder(Pfizer)
14th OctoberAnalytical approaches to new drug substancesA Holbrook(ICI)
JS Wragg(Boots)
WHC Shaw(Glaxo)
9th DecemberStatistics and computersPA Young(Wellcome)
JV Smart(SKF)
A Wagland(Roche)

JanuaryThe State as a custodian of drug quality
1st AGM
AG Fishburn(DHS)
11th MarchBiological and chemical analytical approaches to drug availabilityDr L Levi(CFDD)
A Robertson (SgWn)
TA Connors(ChBu)
JM Newton(Lilly)
21st AprilAnalytical approaches to formulated productsJ Jeffries(Glaxo)
RA Bastow(Wellcome)
P Brown(Reckitt)
8th JuneOriginal Papers (7): steroid breakdown; particulate
contamination; TLC densitometry; anti-inflammatory drug imps;
determine ppm B; frozen inocula; IR of polymorphs
28th SeptemberOn-the-floor inspectionK Eley(Boots)
C Campbell(Squibb)
P Cleevely(AspN)
10th NovemberNMR applied to pharmaceutical industryDr AJ Everett(Wellcome)
Dr RA Crooks(U Manchester)
JF Fernie(ICI)

13th JanuaryThe European Pharmacopoeia
2nd AGM
HS Grainger(EPhC)
13th FebruaryJoint RMG
Short-lived radionuclide pharmaceutical preparations
Dr JC Charlton(RCC)
Dr DJ Sylvester(MRC)
Dr HE Hudson(ICI)
9th MarchNew drug applications- how much and how far?SF Hall(DHS)
F Farrell(ICI)
14th JuneOriginal Papers (6): autoturbidimetric microbial assay;
autocolorimetry; B by AES; polarography of barbs and azepams; permittivity in aqueous solutions; single tablet digoxin assay
12th SeptemberBritish Pharmaceutical Conference, Keele
Training the analyst-what do we need and what do we get?
Dr D Daglish(Reckitt)
DO Singleton(Upjohn)
GF Phillips(LGC)
Dr DC Butler(U Bradford)
Dr WD Williams(U Strathclyde)
29th NovemberUWIST, Cardiff
Q&A on pharmaceutical analysis
CA Johnson(BP)
Dr LE Coles(PA)
Dr LM Atherden(U Bath)
MD Ogden(Warner)
JF Chissell(Roussel)

20th FebruaryQ&A on pharmaceutical analysis
3rd AGM
Dr D Daglish(MTL)
CA Johnson(BP)
GF Phillips(LGC)
R Sinar(PA)
DO Singleton(Upjohn)
3rd MayJoint PS/Pharmaceutics Gp:
Physical form of drugs
JE Carless(U London)
Dr WC McCrone(USA)
D Rogers(Imperial College London)
Dr RJ Mesley(LGC)
14th JuneNottingham
Original Papers (5): GC of basic N-drugs; chemical method for penicillin traces; X-ray analysis; identify pharmaceutical dust; computerised QC documentation
13th SeptemberBritish Pharmaceutical Conference, London
Challenge of formulation analysis
A Holbrook(ICI)
K Lees(Glaxo)
EB Reynolds(PA)

10th JanuaryDiscussion on pharmaceutical analysis
4th AGM
WH Stephenson(Boots)
13th FebruaryEEC analysis and control- what responsibility?CCB Stevens(ICI)
21st MarchStability evaluationJE Jeffries(Pfizer)
AC Caws(Wellcome)
Margaret Cone(DHS)
DO Singleton(Upjohn)
9th MayOriginal Papers (6): anti-epileptic drugs; quantitative NMR;
HPLC multicomponent analysis;single tablet assay; GC of essential oils;
DSC examination of cephalexin.
12th JuneJoint PS/Ind.Pharm.Gp, at Senate Hse
Medicines Act- inspection and manufacturing
B Hartley(DHS)
DI Begg(DHS)
LNA Flockhart(SKF)
TEV Horsley(Glaxo)
Prof AH Beckett(U London)
4th SeptemberBritish Pharmaceutical Conference, Nottingham
Control of pharmaceutical packaging
R I Felix(Dista)
AWC Peacock(3M)
JE Pentelow(Boots)
22nd OctoberReference Standards- are they necessary?CA Johnson(BP)
P Hurley(PyeUnicam)
Dr EA Johnson(MRC)
Prof D Mathieson(U Bradford)
Dr J Lightbown(MRC)
12th DecemberHospital QCC Heatherington(Leeds)
Ms M Williams(Birmingham)
S Potter(Birmingham)
B Midcalf(Leeds)

16th JanuaryPharmaceutical education & pharmaceutical analysis
5th AGM
Dr F Hartley(VC U London)
6th MarchCross ContaminationA Holbrook(ICI)
J Diamond(Glaxo)
JD Edmond(MTL)
B Hartley(DHS)
8th MayStandardisation & QC tablets/capsulesDr M Rubenstein(Liverpool Polytechnic)
C Barlow(SgWn)
B Jones(Lilly)
5th June6 Original Papers: anticonvulsant interactions; corticosteroid hemiacetals;
determine Alcohol BP;
La-shift NMR for penicillins; opioid TLC; NAT for quinine
10th SeptemberJoint BPCf.,Norwich
Biochemical techniques
I Midgley(HRC)
GA Sabey(Wellcome)
PH Corran(NIBSC)
13th NovemberVeterinary standardsProf RJ Fitzpatrick(U Liverpool)
SFM Davies(CVL)
Dr DJ Ringshaw(Bch)
E Addison(Pfizer)

15th JanuaryRole of the Government Chemist
6th AGM
GF Phillips(LGC)
4th FebruaryJoint RSC/AD
Replacement of biological by chemical/physical methods
Dr DH Calam(NIBSC)
Dr RA Wiggins(LGC)
Dr JW Lightbown(NIBSC)
P Abley(Beecham)
1st AprilAnalyst role in preformulationJ Fairweather(Squibb)
Dr H Worthington(Roche)
Prof J Carless(U London)
Prof R Parfitt(U Bath)
5th MayLatest trends in sterility testingG Sykes(DHS)
H McGregor Scott(ICI)
AR Clare(Beecham)
15th JuneOriginal Papers
15th SeptemberBritish Pharmaceutical Conference, StAndrews
Health hazards at work
WA Bennie(HMFI)
Dr WKS Moore(Boots)
Dr -(Dundee)
21st OctoberNew techniques in TLCDr B Millard(U London)
Dr EA Hill(Pharmcia)
8th DecemberRevised Guide on CT/PL applicationsMargaret Cone(DHS)
A Holbrook(ICI)

19th JanuaryHPLC detectors
6th AGM
NA Parris(duPont)
Dr R Wheals(M Polytechnic)
Dr J Salmon(Squibb)
8th MarchPreservation of medicinal products; round tableDr HS Bean(U London)
Dr DJG Davies(U Bath)
TC Forster(Squibb)
JW Hadgraft(RPO)
Dr TM Jones(Wellcome)
AF Lott(LGC)
Dr M Rogan(DHS)
W Lund(MTL)
17th MayOriginal Papers in pharmaceutical analysis
21st JulySAC77, Birmingham
Thermionic detectors
Dr L Gifford(LUT)
P Ridgeon(PyeUnicam)
6th OctoberPyrogen TestingDr Masali(Trav)
GA Sabey(Wellcome)
Dr DR Bangham(MRC)
1st DecemberDrugs in animal feeds for toxicity trialsRD Broad(ICI)
RS Hatfull(PA)

19th JanuaryData processing in pharmaceutical analysis
8th AGM
Dr DA Newton(AERE)
RE Waller(Glaxo)
JW Roberts(Dig)
16th MarchDissolution testingCA Johnson(BP), H Jones(Well), PFG Boon(Ciba)
11th MayOriginal Papers in pharmaceutical analysis
5th OctoberNMR applicationsA Ferrige(Wellcome)
Dr DH Calam(MRC)
Dr G Dewar(U Bath)
Dr CP Richards(LGC)
Dr JF Hunt(Glaxo)
30th DecemberUse of the microscope

18th JanuaryAnalysis of specialised dosage forms
9th AGM
Dr G Hallworth(Glaxo)
M Ogden(Warner)
15th MarchMedicines legislation implications for the analyst
10th MayOriginal Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (8): corticoid stability;
cis/trans neuroleptics; biofluids HPLC; derivative UV; antibacterials HPLC;
differential pulse polarography; rapid microbiological assay; hygroscopic units
11th OctoberStability testing of pharmaceuticalsProf J Carless(U London)
J Lyall(H-WU)
R Ferris(Wellcome)
MH Wadsworth(Glaxo)
6th DecemberAnalytical errorDr C Daglish(MTL)
Prof AR Rogers(HWU)
Dr BV Fisher(Wellcome)
R Goodey(Dista)

17th JanuaryAspects of microbial control in pharmaceuticals
10th AGM
J Emerson(Fisons)
Dr AL Davison(Glaxo)
R Feakes(Trav)
13th MarchControl of plastics for pharmaceuticalsJE Pentelow(Boots)
Dr H Willis(ICI)
Dr J Baldwin(BIP)
Dr DW Plester(ICI)
21st MayShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (10): amygdalin; 2nd/4th deriv.spectroscopy; voltammetry;
cerebral amines;blood stains; micro-isoelectric focussing; rapid assay Isoniazid; Cephelexin; LC-MS; anticonvulsants (46)
22nd JulySAC80, Lancaster
Environmental control in the pharmaceutical industry
LJJ Hillman(Pfizer)
29th OctoberRSC/AD
Determination of drugs in biological materials
11th DecemberParticle detectionM Clarke(CDE)
RW Lines(Coul)
D Haslop(HIAC)
J Spence(Wellcome)
Dr BR Matthews(DHS)

15th JanuaryThe British Pharmacopoeia 1980
11th AGM
Sir F Hartley
CA Johnson
Prof JB Stenlake
24th MarchAD/Thermal Methods Group
Thermal methods in pharmaceutical industry
19th MayShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (8): micro-HPLC; SAR in HPLC; Trientine study; HPLSC; LC-MS of ergot;
Diamorphine elixirs; rv-HPLC of insulin; polyene antibiotics
23rd JuneJoint PS/IPG
Stability tests-can they be standardised?
Dr H Bethke(Sandoz)
Dr P York(U Bradford)
AC Cartwright(DHS)
8th JulyJoint SERAD, Swindon
Everybody needs NMR
Dr IA Stenhouse(AEA)
8th OctoberDissolution testing
3rd DecemberWorking environment in the pharmaceutical industry

21st January12th AGM
17th MarchSeventeen years of the European PharmacopoeiaHS Grainger
20th MayShort Papers in Pharmaceutical Analysis(6): bioassay azepams; size exclusion; multichannel spectra; Atracurium; Pralidoxime; Isoniazid imps
7th OctoberQA in hospitals and industryDI Begg(DHS)
KH Thomas and TD Duffy(NHS)
AK Coulter(Glaxo)
Dr AA Wagland(Roche)
9th NovemberJoint AD/BiolMG
Drug delivery systems
Prof P Turner(Barts)
Dr M Kendall(QEH)
Prof SS Davis(U Nottingham)
Prof AT Florence(U Strathclyde)
Dr N Plowman(Barts)
Dr G Williams (Guys)

20th JanuaryTraining of the pharmaceutical analyst
13th AGM
A Holbrook(ICI)
Prof D Thornton-Burns(QUB)
9th MarchJoint RPS/IndPhGp
QC of parenteral products
JY Jess(Organon)
DJV Galliford(Trav)
D Wilson(Fisons)
RF Haines-Nutt(Torbay)
Marie Rabouhans(BP)
Doreen Hepburn(DHS)
15th JuneThe BP Formulary- a new approachDr D Ganderton
DJ Dalglish
AG Stewart(DHS)
M Murray(ABPI)
19th JulySAC83,Edinburgh
Capillary chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis
Dr G Wardell(Erba)
Dr E Houghton(RcSS)
Dr DE Games(U Wales)
Dr GM Taylor(Wellcome)
Dr SJ Gaskkell(Tenovus)
13th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (8): HPLC systems; polymyxin assay; vit.K; capillary GC assays; HPLC oxmetidine; immunassay of azepams; sulphonamides in feeds; QC by 'AMICA'
14th DecemberAnalytical aspects of generic productsDr GP Carr(BP)
Dr N Randall(Berk)
AJ Middleton and Mrs S Kelly(DHS)

28th/29th FebruaryJoint AD/C and EG and Scottish Region, Edinburgh
Advances in chromatography-pharmaceutical and clinical applications
8th MarchMartindale-today and tomorrow
14th AGM
JFF Reynolds(Pharmaceutical Society)
21st JuneJoint AD/MicrMGp
Newer techniques in pharmaceutical analysis
Dr D Ashton(Wellcome)
Dr AF Fell(Heriot Watt University)
Dr C Loscombe(LGC)
C Stevens(MTL)
CA Johnson(BP)
18th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis(10): ethacrynic acid; microbial tests; gentamicin; peptide and ionophire LCMS; beclomethasone; equine RIA for reserpine; gradient HPLC fluphenazine; 3rd deriv.spectra; auto-HPLC for biosamples
19th DecemberJoint AD/CEG
Separation methods in clinical analysis
Dr J Ambler(QMCN)
Dr W Marshall(KCHL)
Dr Anne Dell(ICL)
Dr R Silman(Barts)
Dr DH Calam(NIBSC)

24th JanuaryPreservative efficacy testingDr BA Wills(BP)
Mrs S Kelly(DHS)
AK Panezai (Wellcome)
7th MarchAddicted to analysis
15th AGM
14th MayFDA and DHSS guidelines for the registration of medicinesDr C Kumkumian(FDA)
AG Stewart(DHS)
10th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (9): HPLC with -DAD, -UV detector, -computer, -APL optimisation; cap.GC for o/Cl pesticides; steam sterilisation; m.pt.standards; pralidoxime studies; robotic dissolution
6th DecemberQuality control of quality control - have we gone too far?J Turner(DHS)
Dr RK Harle(Glaxo)
BS Baker(Royal Free Hospital)
BE Broderick(NATLAS)
RC Rooney(Consultant)

23rd JanuaryStandards for veterinary medicinesDr AO Betts(RVC)
I Davidson(CVL)
P Andrews(M&B)
JA Yacomeni(HMCMf)
Prof A Steele-Bodger(U Cambridge)
6th MarchThe development of QA-help or hindrance?
16th AGM
D Begg(DHS)
Dr TD Duffy(MTL)
AJ Badby(Warner)
22nd MayPackaging pharmaceuticalsB Meakin(U Bath)
P Rhodes(Beecham)
K Dawe(WPhR)
J Pentelow(Boots)
D Edwards(Glaxo)
22nd JulySAC86, Bristol
Joint AD/BiolMG
Pharmaceutical analysis at the frontier
Dr A Bristow
Dr M Scawen
Dr C Price
Ms A Ford
Prof AF Fell (U Bradford)
Dr J Berridge(Pfizer)
Dr BV Fisher(Wellcome)
DG Porter(LGC)
9th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (9): LAL tests and ultrafilter pretreatment; forensic GC columns; photodecomposition; cetrimide creams; sulphonamide byproducts; terpene oils; microtitre plates; glass containers
4th DecemberSampling of medicinal productsDr WG Thomas(PS)
J Sharp(ABPI)
Ms J Altman
TD Duffy(MTL)
Dr DH Calam(NIBSC)
M Holmes(Glaxo)

22nd JanuaryQuality of parenteral products - water quality and LAL testingMs D Hepburn(DHS)
M Hughes (DHS)
GA Sabey(Wellcome)
CA Murcott(CAP)
5th MarchThe Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention
17th AGM
P Baker(DHS)
LG Kinnander(SwNBH)
GF Phillips(LGC)
21st MayRegulatory affairs: their impact on the analyst
8th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (8): robotics; optimal DAD; steroids in air; polymorphs; i/a urine tests; headspace O2; HPLC
3rd DecemberQuality control of wound management productsF Fish(LSPh)
DJ Leper(NHS)
B Midcalf(NHS)
T Turner(UWIST)
Dr AR Rogers(BP)
S Lang(SNR)
A Edmondson(J&J)

14th JanuaryJoint Parenteral Soc
Rapid microbial evaluation of pharmaceutical products
C Booth(ICI)
R Betts(CFPRA)
P Masters(Beecham)
R Kroll(IFR)
S Fenton(Sonco)
H Johnson(Radcliffe)
10th MarchTraining the pharmaceutical analyst
18th AGM
Dr J Tillman(Fison)
Dr AG Davidson(U Strathclyde)
Dr FJ Rowell(Sunderland Polytechnic)
Dr J James(ACOL)
19th MayJoint AD/MicMG
Physical characterisation of medicinal substances
Dr PR Wood(Glaxo)
Dr TM Jones(Wellcome)
Prof P York(U Bradford)
Prof JR Brown(Sunderland Polytechnic)
RC Mitchell(SKF)
NJ Viney(SKF)
20th OctoberChromatographic analysis of pharmaceuticals-state of the artDr ID Wilson(ICI)
RJ Collicot(Glaxo)
K White(LGC)
DV Bowen(Pfizer)
S Lane(Glaxo)
K McKiernan(ICI)
8th DecemberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis(8): chiralHPLC; HPLC -dothiepin isomers and protoverine metabolites; bisphosphonates; microspectrometry; assay adrenalin injections; automated dissolution profiles and sample preparation

12th JanuaryPharmacopoeias: Present and FutureDr JA Holgate
Proff JB Stenlake(BPC)
Prof D Ganderton
Dr PJ Schorn(EPC)
C Barnstein(USP)
Dr AF Turner(Beecham)
16th MarchValidation of pharmaceutical analytical methods
19th AGM
Dr M Martin Smith(Glaxo)
C Wainwright(BIOS)
AC Cartwright(DHS)
F Bailey(ICI)
P Nolan(LGC)
Dr GPR Carr(Wyeth)
DrR Caulcutt(U Bradford)
Dr DR Rudd(Glaxo)
11th MayJoint AD/BMG
QA of biologicals-analytical implications
Dr J Purves(MCA)
ML Rabouhans(BPC)
T Snape(BlPrL)
Dr Janet Ayres(Wellcome)
R Smith(Beecham)
Dr T Rademacher(U Oxford)
Dr E Griffiths(MRC)
I Furminger(Evans)
SF Mathias(Pafra)
19th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis(8): polymyxin; phytochemistry; HPLC -denbufylline, -ceftazidime and antiviral; automated feed analysis; sapogenol structure; multi-DAD
14th DecemberNovel drug delivery systems-analytical challengesMrs E Baker(MCA)
N Barras(CTh)
NT Caddy(ICI)
Dr PA Haywood(Glaxo)
Dr B Olsson(Draco)
Dr P Edwardson (Squibb)

11th JanuaryPharmaceutical stability testing and shelf-life predictionDr BR Matthews(MCA)
Prof AL WanPo(QUB)
P Cobb(Wlc)
AG Hatton(SKB)
Dr A Lipczynski(Pfizer)
Dr JG Phillips(Upjohn)
C Evans(Syntex)
15th MarchThe EC and the manufacturer
20th AGM
Dr J Purves(MCA)
AK Coulter(Glaxo)
Dr E Griffiths(MRC)
J Thorley(Dista)
10th MayTowards parametric releaseMs D Hepburn(MCA)
P Hargreaves(MIn)
G L Smith (St/Ind)
KJ Leiper(Glaxo)
G Brout(con)
M Biggs(Roche)
18th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (10)
13th DecemberJoint Parenteral Soc
Contamination by particulates and extractives
Dr BR Matthews(MCA)
JA Sidwell(RAPRA)
D Doelcher(FGR)
A Spingler(Sdz)
RM Brown(Harwell)
RE Leek(Glaxo)

1th JanuaryDrug master files - a help or a hindrance?AC Cartwright(MCA)
Dr A Artiges(PhF)
J Woolfe(Hrs)
Dr G Overend(RPR)
RG Bolton(ICI)
Dr PB Porter(Wlc)
J Davenport(con)
14th MarchPharmaceutical analysis-past, present and future
21st AGM
Dr AR Rogers(BPC)
F Bailey(ICI)
Dr AE Theobald (KCL)
Prof D Ganderton (BPC)
J Mendham(U Greenwich)
BW Woodget(U Hertford)
Dr DH Calam(MRC)
9th MayRecent developments in spectroscopic techniques for pharm.analysisProf AF Fell(U Bradford)
T Frost(Wlc)
Dr B Davies(Glaxo)
Prof J Miller(LUT)
Dr SC Upton(PkE)
Dr D Bowen(Pfizer)
17th OctoberShort Papers in pharmaceutical analysis (9)
12th DecemberImpurities in pharmaceutical productsAC Cartwright(MCA)
Dr R Woodhouse(Glaxo)
Dr C Potter(ICI)
Dr DR Rudd(Glaxo)
Dr N Randall(RPR)
Dr G Steele(Fison)
Dr J Miller(EPC)

16th JanuaryChiral examination of pharmaceuticalsProf GT Tucker(Royal Hallamshire Hospital)
Prof GF Phillips(GCU)
Dr P Camilleri(SKB)
Dr D Goodall(U York)
R Collicott(Glaxo)
Dr ID Wilson(ICI)
Dr K Altria(Glaxo)
19th MarchRelevance of ISO 9000 accreditation to the pharmaceutical industry
22nd AGM
S Fairchild(RPR)
J Beardmore(Wlc)
D Mogg(Llhm)
J Sharp(con)
Dr E Hoxey(DHS)
J Watling(WxRHA)
21st MayInstrumental techniques and PolymorphismProf MB Hursthouse
Dr P Takla(U Wales)
Dr J Hadgraft(U Wales)
Prof P York(U Bradford)
Dr NJ Clayden(ICI)
Dr P Timmins(Bristol Myers Squibb)
Dr MI Robertson(MCA)
15th OctoberShort Papers in Pharmaceutical Analysis (10)
27th OctoberJoint AD/MidReg and EAG
QEH, Edgbaston
Electroanalysis in the pharmaceutical industry
10th DecemberJoint BIRA
Pharmaceutical registration practices in the EC
Dr P Helboe(DK)
RG Bolton(ICI)
Dr J Veldt(Broc)
Dr AR Rogers(EPC)
G Wade(MCA)
Dr D Deutsch(Glaxo)

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