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Wednesday 11th December 2013
Dissolution of inhaled products: in vitro developments, in vivo relevance and the potential impact on regulatory thinking
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Although there is no pharmacopoeial or regulatory requirement for dissolution testing as a quality control test for inhaled products, there has been increasing interest in recent years in the potential significance of dissolution of low-solubility agents in the development of these products. So,

are you fully informed about the current academic, industrial and regulatory aspects of these developments?
do you know what progress has been made in improving analytical methodologies to assess the dissolution rate of inhalation products?
have you a clear perception of how an understanding of dissolution in vitro helps in the assessment of in-vivo performance and aids product development?

This symposium will present current academic, industrial and regulatory perspectives on emerging developments in analytical methodology for dissolution rate assessment of these products and understanding of the significance of dissolution in in-vivo performance and product development.
The panel of speakers:
• Sau Lee, U.S FDA
• Sabine May, PharmBioTec, Sarbrucken, Germany
• Rob Price, University of Bath
• Robyn Sadler, GSK

This JPAG symposium precedes the DDL 24 Conference organised by The Aerosol Society. For details on how to register for the symposium, see

Posters can be submitted for this symposium via the DDL abstract submission process (see DDL website), and may be displayed for the duration of both the JPAG symposium and the main DDL conference. Please mark abstracts "JPAG" to flag their submission for this symposium. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is now past.



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